The Robert Fripp String Quintet - The Bridge Between

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Originally released: 1993


  • Robert Fripp (guitar, frippertronics)
  • Trey Gunn (grand stick)
  • Bert Lams (acoustic guitar)
  • Hideyo Moriya (acoustic guitar)
  • Paul Richards (acoustic guitar, fuzz e-bow guitar)



  • 3'42 Kan-Non Power (Moriya)
  • 2'36 Yamanashi Blues (Lams)
  • 5'29 Hope (A. Dehonestis, J.P. Sinks, arr. Gunn)
  • 1'37 Chromatic Fantasy BWV 903 (J.S. Bach arr. Gunn)
  • 2'16 Contrapunctus (J.S. Bach arr. Lams)
  • 3'18 Bicycling to Afghanistan (C. Golden)
  • 5'26 Blue (Fripp, Gunn) => Reviews
  • 3'17 Blockhead (Richards)
  • 6'52 Passacaglia BWV 582 (J.S. Bach arr. Lams)
  • 12'45 Threnody for Souls in Torment (Fripp, Gunn)


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Entire Release

Date Submitted: 26-Sep-00
By: Chylinski (hylinski at sa dot ozland dot net dot au)

"To me, this is a wonderful disc. The Bach would not be out of place on a mainstream classical record. Kan-non Power is an excellent opener, and the awesome Threnody reminds me of Lygeti ..

"Where has this been hiding for the last eight years?"


Date Submitted: 10-Jun-96
By: Christoph Nahrgang (uhrzb005 at post dot uni-bielefeld dot de)

"I am quite sure that everybody has already recognized that "blue" (track 7 of "the bridge between") is some kind of variation of "starless". if not: just listen!"